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Grace A.C.E.: The Grace A.C.E.

Everything you need to know about the Grace Academic Center for Excellence.

Our Mission

The Grace Academic Center for Excellence (A.C.E.) has a two-fold mission to holistically serve and empower the students at Grace Christian University through both online and on-campus success coaching and paper review.

Definitions of Services

Paper reviewasynchronous service in which students email a paper draft to a reviewer, the reviewer takes a maximum of 24 hours to make suggestions and comments, and then the reviewer sends it back to the student.

Success coachingsynchronous virtual or in-person meeting in which a student and coach work together toward the success of the student. This could take the form of tutoring for content, writing coaching, working on time management and study skills, or any combination of these.

Alternative Testingscheduling a time in the with the information in the library to take an in-person test at a time different than the scheduled test in class. Students may do this after arranging it with their instructor.

Learning and Study Resources

The Learning ScientistsDiscover valuable information and resources about learning, learning styles, study methods, and more!

Memorize Now: Get help with memorization techniques and tools.

Education Planner [Quiz]: Discover your learning style.

Articles re: Learning and Study


Grace ACE Coordinator

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